Submit an Act of Excellence

Individuals or Organizations are welcom to submit why an ACT Champions a Culture of Excellence in South Dakota.

To Submit your AOE click the tab above to request an Account. You may also contact the Hall at or 605.234.4216 for assistance.

To log in use the dropdown Account tab at the top of this page. Once logged in, type in the title in the box below and press "Create. When you submit the Title you will be presented with a Submission form.

Under 200 words or Less please describe in the submission:

  • What happened?
  • How it happened?
  • Who was involved?
  • Why it is an example of championing the culture of excellence.
  • Notification section please provide the names and addresses of individuals who you would like to receive an email announcing your submission has been selected for an Act of Excellence by the South Dakota Hall of Fame and will be archived online in the AOE Directory. In the Media section please provide media contacts in print, TV, or radio to receive a press release email announcing that your submission has been selected for an Act of Excellence by the South Dakota Hall of Fame Archive and will be archived onine in the AOE Directory. You may also attach a JPEG photograph image to the submission form

Submission Process

The South Dakota Hall of Fame will review your submission and if approved will

  • Notify you of the approval of your Submission, which will be placed in the Directory of Acts of Excellence
  • Send an announcement of the Act of Excellence to individuals or groups you select
  • Send a press release to the media that you select

Review - Decline Example

An example will be declined If it includes:

  • Material that solicits funding, or is defamatory or advocates a political or other purpose that may convey conflict with the mission of the Hall of Fame to champion a culture of excellence in South Dakota.