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Acts of Excellence

Submit your story of an inspiring Act of Excellence -- Submit an AOE . The Hall of Fame selects examples of Acts of Excellence for inclusion in the the Archive of the History of the Culture of Excellence -- Archive of Acts of Excellence

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Legacies of Achievement

Directory of LOA or Find out more. Inductees continue to share their stories of ongoing achievements, creating an electronic autobiography with text, photos, recordings and videos.

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Nominate or Find Inductees

Nominate outstanding leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to championing a culture of excellence in South Dakota. Inductee Directory or Find out more.

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About the South Dakota Hall of Fame

DONATE NOW The mission of the South Dakota Hall of Fame is to Champion a Culture of Excellence in South Dakota. Find out more.

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Get your User Name and Password

Get your username and password to share Acts of Excellence and Legacies of Achievement. Instruction Manual or Conditions of Service or Find out more.

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Legends and Learning

Education program for teachers and students to share selected South Dakota’s Champions of Excellence. A multimedia and interactive collection of one-of-a kind stories about some of the people that make our state great. Find out more.

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Honors Ceremony

Honors Ceremony September 9 - 10, 2016 - Celebrating the achievements for leaders in excellence. Find out more.

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Visit the Hall of Fame Museum at Chamberlain

Exhibits and displays about the Culture of Excellence in South Dakota for the stories of over 700 inductees. Easy access off I 90. Free Admission. Open year round. Hours and Map. Find out more.

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SDHOF Administration

For board and staff. (Requires Login.)

Conditions of Service