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Induction Category & YearArts and Entertainment 1996
Home TownWorthing, SD
Worthing, SD

   Ronald Backer
Champion of Excellence

 Ron grew up on a farm in southeastern South Dakota, a land rich in historical events that left their mark on the Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery, and those that followed them. His artistic bent was always nurtured along the way with the perspective disciplines learned in engineering drawing and the discernment and selection of subject matter learned as a professional photographer and motion picture editor. Ron expanded his artistic horizons through attendance at the Laguna Beach School of Art, the Otis Art Institute and workshops.

In his paintings Ron continued to search for that elusive style and a lasting source of inspiration. His roots kept tugging at him, and through them, he found the artistic muse he sought for so long, that of painting the historical events that not only took place in the land of his formative years, but in the rest of our nation. By reliving the exciting events and scenes of our past Ron hopes to leave for our future generations an appreciation of our historical legacy. <p>During the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition (2003-2006), Ron’s paintings centered on the Lewis and Clark Journal entries, primarily those on the high plains. In November 2005 Ron was honored to be the recipient of the Captain Lewis Award for the best oil painting at the “Journey’s End National Art Exhibition.” <p>Appropriately, Ron calls it “Yesterday’s Happenings With Today’s Imagination”. His interpretations take him from the High Plains to the Pacific Ocean. Ron’s art has been publicly recognized in magazines, numerous news publications, and by major network television interviews. In 1996 Ron was honored by being selected “Artist of the Year” in the South Dakota Hall of Fame. <p>Ron is currently bringing to life his interpretations of historical events just before and at the turn of the 20th Century, particularly those of Victorian lineage. <p>Ron’s work is in corporate offices, churches, museums, and private collections from California to New York.

Home Town (Worthing, SD)
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