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Induction Category & YearGeneral 1991
Home TownRee Heights, SD
Huron, SD

   Robert Etbauer
Champion of Excellence

 South Dakota can be proud of Robert Etbauer. He has demonstrated the determination and rugged, but tender spirit, that has qualified him to be a member of the South Dakota Hall of Fame. Etbauer’s words about rodeo make a good philosophy of life for each of us: “I think making good rides no matter what kind of horse you get on is important. If a person just tries to do good all the time, it pays off in the end.”

In the days of the fast easy buck, Robert Etbauer has shown that success as a rodeo saddle bronc rider must be earned. Robert was born in Huron in 1961; the family’s home was in Ree Heights. He is a true rodeo man and was the named World Champion in Saddle Bronc Riding in 1990 and 1991. He was also the 1991 and 1995 NFR Saddle Bronc average champion. <p>Robert Etbauer has proven his dedication to the sport that he loves by the following accomplishments: <p>Awards, Honors:
1983- college NIRA Central Planes region saddle bronc champ
1985- PRCA Rookie of the year & Great Lakes Circuit Champ
1986- college NIRA central plains region SB champ
1987- Pendleton round up SB champ
1988- Prarie circuit SB champ
1989- Coors Chute-Out & Canadian Series SB Champ
1990- Canadian Budweiser series
1990- record for highest season earnings $113,411
1990- World Champion in Saddle Bronc. <p>What sets Robert Etbauer apart from other great sportsmen has been his heartfelt desire to help other saddle bronc riders improve their skills. His unselfish attitude has inspired countless numbers of family and friends, as well as fellow rodeo competitors and fans.

Home Town (Ree Heights, SD)
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