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Induction Category & YearGeneral 1978
Home TownWakpala, SD
Wakpala, SD

   Vine Deloria
Champion of Excellence

 Vine Deloria’s father, Philip Deloria, was the first ordained Indian priest in the Episcopal Mission field. Vine, at first, didn't think he wanted to be a priest, but after a short stint in the business world he entered the seminary and was ordained.

In 1931, he was an Episcopal Church missionary in charge of many chapels. From 1954-1959, he was an advisor on Indian Mission work at the National Headquarters Episcopal Church in New York City, NY. From 1959-1960, he was a Parish Priest in Durant, IA. From 1960 until June of 1968, Deloria was Archdeacon Indian field employed by the S.D. Diocese Episcopal Church in Pierre, SD. From 1968-1975, he was Priest at St. Michael’s Mission in Pierre. <p>Vine is steeped in Indian lore, the mysticism that led to their “vision quests,” to their reverence for nature, their belief that all were brothers in the eyes of the Great Spirit and Mother Earth. He loves is a leader of the Brotherhood of Christian Unity.

Home Town (Wakpala, SD)
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