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Induction Category & YearArts and Entertainment 1994
Home TownCharles Mix County, SD
Wagner, SD

   Joseph Dudley
Champion of Excellence

 Joseph Iron Eye Dudley was raised on the Yankton Sioux Reservation by his grandparents from the age of three. He lived in a tiny house near a bend of the Choteau Creek and from his recollection of those days, Dudley compiled the book “Choteau Creek: A Sioux Reminiscence”. The book portrays how his grandparents instilled cultural, social, and spiritual values in him, leaving a lasting positive impact on his life. In 1993, Dudley’s book received the Christopher Award for making a significant contribution to human relations in adult literature.

Dudley, with his GED, did not graduate from college until the age of 34. He studied at Central Michigan University, Northern State University (Aberdeen, SD), and received his doctorate from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. <p>An ordained United Methodist minister, Dudley is currently the president of Cook College and Theological School in Tempe, AZ. He is following the school's long history of educating and enabling Native American’s to pursue leadership positions. <p>Dudley developed the first Native American United Methodist Congregation in South Dakota at Aberdeen and received the Distinguished Service Award from the United Tribes of North Carolina. He frequently lectures on the subjects of racism, intercultural relationships and Native American spirituality.

Home Town (Charles Mix County, SD)
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