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Induction Category & YearGeneral 1985
Home TownNorris, SD
Royal, NE

   Reece Bligh
Champion of Excellence

 Reece Bligh began as a hired man on a ranch but eventually came to be a ranch owner himself. He ranched for 44 years near Norris, SD.

Reece is recognized for having been a good husband and loving father to their three children, a helpful neighbor, friend and lay preacher of the Word of God. Bligh was a great promoter for 4-H clubs. Some say that if it hadn’t been for Bligh’s testimony in the Legislature, there wouldn’t be any 4-H clubs in South Dakota today. <p>Reece was on the Board of County Commissioners and was Chairman from 1957 to 1982. He served on the School Board at Norris. He was board member and Chairman of the board at Sunshine Bible Academy in Miller, SD. <p>Bligh listened, read and studied history and people and knew the law like a Philadelphia lawyer and the Bible better than most pastors. Reece was a great storyteller. The Lord, laws, love and laughter best describe Bligh.

Home Town (Norris, SD)
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