Induction Category & YearSports 1978
Home TownAberdeen, SD

   Paul Bunt
Champion of Excellence

 Paul Bunt attended Aberdeen Central High School, along with his brother Don Bunt in the mid 1920’s. The two were very active in sports.

Paul was involved with football, basketball, and track. He earned three letters in each of these sports over the course of his high school years. He served as Captain of both the football and basketball teams at various times throughout high school.<p>In basketball, Paul played ‘center’ and ‘forward.’ It has been said that he was a great basketball player with the ability to shoot from any angle on the court. His floor-work was also very impressive. As a captain, Blunt was an ideal leader, as he was a leading scorer for his team and was never down hearted, always offering encouragement.<p>In football, Paul was also successful. Coaches and teammates described him as a fine and capable leader, who was always able to cooperate with both teammates and the coaches. <p>Track was also a strongpoint of Paul’s, especially the javelin. In 1927, Central High attended the National Tournament in Chicago. Here, Paul placed 7th for his javelin throw. He also ran track at this tournament.<p>Back home, Paul was very successful in track and field, specifically the javelin. He broke several Javelin Records in the state of SD, some of which were his own. At the Northern Normal Invitational High School Meet, Paul got first place for his 155 ft and 4in javelin throw. He later beat this record at a 1927 Track and Field Meet. Here he threw the javelin 162 Ft and 7 in, earning him first place at the meet. <p>After high school, Paul attended North Dakota State College. Here he played college football, along with several former teammates from Aberdeen Central High. On the college level, Paul was just as successful as he had been in high school. On the field, Paul played quarterback. It is said that he was a ‘smart’ quarterback, a rare combination. Coaches and teammates have said that Paul Bunt made everything look easy, and while stylish and graceful, his passing, carrying, and kicking were always effective.<p>Paul Bunt also attended Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, SD. As a senior at DWU, Paul accepted a coaching and teaching position at Faith High School in Faith, SD. <p></td>

Home Town (Aberdeen, SD)
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