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Induction Category & YearProfessional 1991
Home TownGayville, SD
Gayville, SD
Sioux Falls, SD

   Paul Batcheller
Champion of Excellence

 Paul was the founder, owner, and president of ZIP Feed Mills Inc. in Sioux Falls, SD.

Batcheller and his friend Emmett Zerfas started a business known as Batcheller's in 1937. They started as a jobber, jobbing feed ingredients, seed, fencing, and a number of farm supplies to farmers in the Sioux Falls area. Zerfas left the business to serve in WWII. Batcheller stayed and the business continued to grow through the 1940's and 1950's. <p>In 1955, Paul decided to build a new feed mill. That is when he founded ZIP Feed Mills, Inc. in Sioux Falls. He was the owner and president of the Sioux Falls ZIP Feed Mill until 1978. At the time of its completion, ZIP was called the most modern feed mill in the world. ZIP had the capability to manufacture complete feeds, concentrated, supplements, and premixes for all classes of livestock and poultry. Blocks, liquid feed, pelleted minerals and small packages were all part of the total service program. Batcheller saw to it that ZIP was always an innovator. It was one of the 1st feed manufactures nationally to produce liquid feeds, and in 1969 Batcheller fully computerized the Sioux Falls Mill. <p>When Batcheller saw a situation that wasn't right, he did something to make it right. In 1970 he toured the swine production facilities at South Dakota State University. While on the tour, he learned that the facilities had been built before the Second World War and therefore everything was outdated. Batcheller then provided the funds necessary to build a new swine production facility at South Dakota State University. He felt it was important to have a modern facility since students were going to SDSU to learn good swine production. <p>Batcheller was a member of many organizations, including the US Chamber of Commerce, Greater South Dakota Association, Sioux Falls Stockyards Co., Livestock Expansion Foundation, United Way, Sioux Valley Hospital, South Dakota Master Pork Producers, YMCA, American Feed Manufactures Association, and the El Raid Shrine. <p>Paul Batcheller spent many hours of his time fundraising for different charitable causes in both Sioux Falls and the state of South Dakota. He also led quite a few capital fund drives.

Home Town (Gayville, SD)
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