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Induction Category & YearGeneral 1990
Home TownHighmore, SD
Harrold, SD,
Highmore, SD

   Patrick Cowan
Champion of Excellence

 Pat Cowan was a very intense man. He was a rancher, businessman and a family man. Cowan lived in Hyde County until his death in an airplane accident in 1985. He was a lifetime member of the American Quarter Horse Association and was a participating member in the National Cutting Horse Association.

A lifetime member of the American Angus Association, Cowan always had his eye open to breed better cattle and to produce a better set of calves than the year before. Good cattle were a love of Cowan’s. <p>He was recognized locally and statewide for his contributions to community and youth activities. The Hyde County FFA made him an honorary chapter farmer in 1980. He was the recipient of the prestigious Heartland Saddle in 1982. <p>Cowan, an avid outdoorsman, was co-owner and manager of the Big Bend Ranch, a goose hunting lodge near the Missouri River. Rodeo was another interest, and he won awards in calf roping, bull riding, and steer wrestling. <p>He proved to everyone his capability and love of good horses by having one of the most successful horse sales in this part of the country in 1984. <p>Being a very successful racehorse trainer in 1970 the South Dakota Quarter Horse Racing Association. Elected Pat to be their president. He trained horses for 10 years having as many as 50-60 horses in training at one time. <p>With the sport of cutting becoming a popular contest in the northern region, Pat and about three other people got their heads together and formed the Dakota Classic Cutting Futurity. It is still an association with 30 stallions being nominated and the annual futurity held in the fall. Pat Cowan had the honor of raising the first horse.

Home Town (Highmore, SD)
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