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Induction Category & YearGeneral 2006
Home TownReliance, SD
Glasgow, MT

   Pat Blum
Champion of Excellence

 Patricia “Pat” Blum is a modern-day woman, championing for issues in a male-driven industry. She raised a family with her husband, dotes on grandchildren, serves the developmentally challenged community and maintains an active voice for the beef industry.

Born to Chester and Jeanne Holst on October 30, Blum enjoyed quiet town living in Montana until she graduated from high school. After graduating from high school in Broadus, Montana, Blum enrolled in a college in her hometown state. However, she found a more fitting opportunity at Presentation College in Aberdeen, South Dakota. For Blum, an overnight train ride from Miles City, Montana to Aberdeen was all it took to spread her wings and pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.

Blum graduated from Presentation, and with a degree under her belt and a willingness to work, she accepted a nursing position in Chamberlain, South Dakota.

Not long after moving to the rural community, Blum met a young rancher named Bartine “Bart” Blum. Bart and Pat were married in 1962. Together, they built a home on the west bank of the Missouri River about 16 miles northwest of Chamberlain. Along with Bart’s brother and his wife, the couple established a true working ranch focused on raising high quality beef cattle and horses. Though new to West River living, Blum quickly settled in and began engraining herself in the hot topics of the ranching industry.

In 1975, while also working part-time at the Chamberlain hospital, Blum was named Outstanding Young Woman and shared the honor of Outstanding Young Farmer with her husband. From that recognition, Blum found new drive to increase her involvement in both the ag and beef industries. In fact, she became a charter member of Prime Cattle Women in 1975 and continues her involvement in this group today.

Serving others has always been a priority for Blum. In addition to working at the Chamberlain Hospital for 13 years, Blum has been instrumental in assisting persons with developmental disabilities at Dakota Milestones (previously known as Chamberlain Adjustment Training Center) since 1980.

Though Blum has had many official appointments to committees like the National Cattlemen’s Association and the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, it was her 2000 appointment by USDA Secretary of Agriculture, Dan Glickman, to the National Agriculture Research, Extension, Education and Economics Advisory Board that helped her identify and solve issues most relevant to the beef industry.

Most notable in all her endeavors is the simple fact that she is a woman making a difference in a male-dominated industry. Blum has promoted the industry on television, radio and in newspapers. She has written booklets promoting food safety for the South Dakota Beef Industry Council and represented the industry’s issues at seminars and events around the nation.

Home Town (Reliance, SD)
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