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Induction Category & YearGeneral 1989
Home TownMobridge, SD
BirthMarch 16, 1885
Rock Rapids, IA
Mobridge, SD

   Ora DeSart
Champion of Excellence

 Ora L. DeSart had a genuine love and interest in youth and that is where he invested his time and money. Ora was instrumental in starting a baseball team, trap shooting team or some type of sporting event wherever he lived. This was a dream he had as a young boy and he carried the dream of sports for youth throughout his life and into his nineties. He wanted South Dakota youth to have the opportunity to experience wholesome activities knowing this would build self-esteem and confidence. “Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.” This is what Ora would say and this is what Ora would live by. His contributions to society was his precious time, talent, enthusiasm and of course his money. He taught young people to grow, learn, participate in and enjoy the art of sports.

He was convinced that by sharing his expertise he could enrich the lives of many young people. These same young people would be the leaders of our state and country one day. He was totally committed to the youth of his area. His efforts and involvement with the youth paid of good dividends, young people in the area highly respected him and believed in him. This was evident at his funeral where several pews were filled with Selby High School basketball and baseball players. Not because they had to but because they wanted to pay tribute to a 92 year old friend. <p>Ora DeSart believed we had to take time for youth. We had to give them direction and attention. He gave all he had to give in supporting their efforts, encouraging them, believing in them and trusting them. <p>He believed that we all have the responsibility of teaching and instructing plus taking the time for the youth in South Dakota and hopefully there will be a “Drug Free America.” The message is in his legacy; he left us that message and all we have to do is “Act on it.” Reaching out to families to take time to be totally involved in what their children are doing, be it in school, church or home, something we have to find again, this is what will save not only South Dakota, but also America and hopefully we will have a “Drug Free America.” This is what Ora DeSart believed in and this is what he dedicated his life to achieve.

Home Town (Mobridge, SD)
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