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Induction Category & YearSports 1991
Home TownWalnut Creek, CA
Pierre, SD

   Norman Brocklin
Champion of Excellence

 Norm Van Brocklin was a star player for the University of Oregon, the Los Angeles Rams, and the Philadelphia Eagles. He coached the Minnesota Vikings and the Atlanta Falcons. His record for passing is one game, 554 yards in 1951 for the Los Angeles Rams, has yet to be broken.

Van Brocklin, one of the nation’s greatest football players, found his niche in football; being named an All American in 1948 at the University of Oregon. Following college Van Brocklin became one of the NFL's greatest stars, quarterbacking for the Los Angeles Rams from 1949 to 1957. Later he quarterbacked the Philadelphia Eagles in the three years from a last place finish to the national championship. After retiring from the game, Van Brocklin became head coach for the Minnesota Vikings (1961) and later for the Atlanta Falcons (1968). <p>Van Brocklin was named to the Pro Bowl 9 times, NFL Player of the Year in 1960, inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, led the league in punting 2 years, and passing 3 years. As a player he had 1,553 pass completions for a total of 23,611 years, which included 173 touchdowns. Along with his playing career he was also instrumental in organizing the existing players union of the National Football League. <p>Norm Van Brocklin was born to Mack and Ethel Van Brocklin in 1926. They had moved to South Dakota from Iowa in 1915, but had just settled near Parade, SD. With the onset of drought and depression in 1931, the Van Brocklin’s moved their family of nine children to Walnut Creek, California. Norm was raised in California, though a few relatives are still in South Dakota. <p>

Home Town (Walnut Creek, CA)
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