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Induction Category & YearArts and Entertainment 1995
Home TownQuinn, SD
Quinn, SD

   Mildred Fielder
Champion of Excellence

 Mildred Fielder was born on a western farm on the Great Plains, where her father homesteaded near Quinn, SD. She attended grade school in Quinn and graduated high school from Rapid City. From a young age, Fielder had a love for writing and she used her abilities throughout high school as she worked on the school newspaper and yearbook.

After high school, Fielder attended Huron College, where she studied English, but was forced to abandon her dreams due to the depression and collapse of the banks in the early 1930’s. Afterwards, she met and married Ronald Fielder. After the couple’s two children, Robert and John were old enough; Mildred continued her studies through extension courses from the University of Colorado. <p>Mildred had been writing her whole life. She would write stories and poems mostly as a child. But as she grew as a writer, she took on greater feats by writing novels. With the stories and poems she won prizes locally and statewide, but the novels ended up in the wastebasket. Eventually she also began to write historical articles. Publishers also sought after these articles. <p>Mildred Fielder’s first book of poetry was published in 1955 and was called “Wandering Foot in the West.” Today Fielder has sold over 760 published poems. Her historical writing has also been successful. Most were based on the history of the Great Plains. These successes convinced Fielder that she was not a novelist, but yet a successful writer. <p>Some of Fielder’s writings have been published in well-known publications such as Progressive Farmer, New York Times, Western Folklore, Washington Evening Star, and the Denver Post. Her writings have also been used in church magazines and papers, which brings great satisfaction to Fielder because of her love of writing for children. <p>Other publications which won Fielder national acclaim was a first place in a national poetry contest and the publication of “Narrow Gauge Railroads in the Black Hills” published by the South Dakota State Historical Society. This publication was so popular that it was picked up by a Superior Publishing Company of Washington state. It was renamed “Railroads of the Black Hills.” Under this title and the national recognition the book was republished four more times and still continues to sell to this day. <p>Since 1955, Mildred Fielder has written 26 published books on such subjects as mining, biographies, wild plants, hiking trails, fans, and two more poetry books. She has also received more than 400 awards in poetry. Today she and her husband are retired. She no longer writes or lectures at events, but is happy with her writing career and has no regrets. <p>

Home Town (Quinn, SD)
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