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Induction Category & YearGeneral 1978
Home TownStacyville, IA
BirthJanuary 3, 1878
Stacyville, IA
Faith, SD

   Matthias Clasen
Champion of Excellence

 In the spring of 1894, Matt got a job with a large cattle company on the Niabrara Flats. For the next three years he worked there herding cattle and haying. In the spring of 1897, with a saddle horse and a bedroll, Matt left Nebraska. At the age of nineteen, he headed north into northwest South Dakota. He arrived at Bixby, SD in April. There he met Ed Lemmon, who was manager of the L-7 Cattle Range on the Cannon Ball River in Corson County. Lemmon offered Matt a job fencing. He worked until July.

Matt then took a job at the Flying V Ranch at the fork of the Moreau River. Here he worked as manager for Sam Moses. Most cattle outfits let there herds run loose and only gathered them in the fall. Moses didn’t care to do it this way, and as there were no fences then, he hired Matt to herd his cattle. <p>In July 1902, after meeting a professional government hunter and trapper, Charles Ballinger of Camp Crook, SD, Matt decided to become one also. Grey wolves were a real menace to the cattle industry as cattle and horses were being killed at an alarming rate. Matt worked for Ballinger for one year, learning how to hunt and trap the wolves. <p>Throughout his trapping career, farmers and ranchers throughout South Dakota hired Matt to rid their land of wolves. For years on end he wolfed the entire northwest corners of South Dakota and over the lines into North Dakota and Montana. Just about every big outfit was pleased to have him working for them. Matt was termed the “King of the Wolfers” for his expertise in trapping and killing wolves. <p>At one time down through the years Matt had also been employed by the Federal Government on the Slim Buttes Reserve to be the wolfer. This was with the Department of Agriculture in the Long and Short Pine Reserves in Harding County. <p>Throughout his life, Matt Clasen hunted wolves for about 12 years, working for the various ranches, Bartholds, Sword and Dagger, Flying V, 73, L7, C7, Diamond A.

Home Town (Stacyville, IA)
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