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Induction Category & YearHistorical 1993
Home TownMellette County, SD
Mellette County, SD

   Lionel Bordeaux
Champion of Excellence

 As president of Sinte Gleska University, Rosebud, SD, Lionel Bordeaux has lived his dream of seeing the continuation of higher education for his people, the Lakota Sioux.

Born in rural Mellette County, Bordeaux attended elementary school at Horse Creek Day School & White River Public. He went onto receive his Bachelor of Science degree from Black Hills State University, a Masters of Arts from the University of South Dakota, Vermillion and a Doctoral Candidate from the University of Minnesota from 1971-1973. <p>From 1964-1967, Bordeaux served as a guidance counselor at the BIA dorms at the BIA Jicarilla Agency, Dulce, NM. 1966-67, Management Intern, BIA Central office, Washington, DC.
1967-69 Vocational Counselor, BIA, Employment Assistance, Dallas, TX
1969-70 Educational Specialist, BIA, Pine Ridge Agency, SD
1973-present President, Sinte Gleska University, Rosebud, SD <p>Lionel Bordeaux currently serves and has been a member of: American Indian Higher Education Consortium, National Indian Education Association; American Indian College Fund; South Dakota Indian Education Association; Native American Rights Fund; Phelps-Stokes Fund; National Advisory Council on Indian Education and the Americans for Indian Opportunity. <p>Bordeaux has been honored with the Outstanding Administrator of the Year by Black Hills State University in affiliated status with Sinte Gleska College; Outstanding Educator of the Year; Outstanding Educator of the Year by the National Congress of American Indians; Alumni/Special Achievement Award from Black Hills State University; Outstanding Indian Educator of the Year; American Indian Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Indian Resource Institute; Human and Civil Rights Award by the South Dakota Education Association; the J.E.K. Aggrey Medal by the Phelps-Stokes Fund and the Alumni/Distinguished Achievement Award from the University of South Dakota. <p>Lionel Bordeaux provided leadership for the passage and authorization of tribal college legislation, for the first fully accredited reservation based institution of higher education at the Bachelor’s degree level and instituted the first reservation based Master’s degree program.

Home Town (Mellette County, SD)
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