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Induction Category & YearGeneral 1987
Home TownSpringview, NE
BirthSeptember 30, 1885
Springview, NE
Valentine, NE

   John Carr
Champion of Excellence

 John Carr’s cattle buying and ranching experience began with his father in Springview, NE. In 1919, they moved to a South Dakota ranch in Todd County and later in life to a ranch near White River.

During the depression years Carr was a government appraiser for the Rural Credit Association and also for the Emergency Relief Administration. <p>Governor Harlan Bushfield appointed Carr a member of the S.D. Brand board on September 8, 1941, as the Democratic member under a Republican administration. He was the first member appointed after the term expired for one of the original three members and he entered service when approximately 7,000 brands were recorded. Upon his reappointment to a second term in 1947, Carr, along with co-members, guided the growth of the registration to more than 30,000 brands by 1962 when he retired from the Board.In 1934, Carr was appointed by the Federal Government to appraise cattle in Todd and Mellette counties of South Dakota for purchase of the Emergency Relief Administration. This was a program, soon dubbed Eat Right Away, whereby the government bought livestock and distributed it to needy families for slaughter and consumption. Carr made the decision as to the exact price of the cattle. <p>In 1934 and 1945, Carr was a member of the Todd County committee of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration in 1934 and 1935 serving under the Roosevelt administration. Throughout the years he was intermittently called upon to appraise property for the Rural Credit Association when they settled up with their customers. <p>Carr was a member of the South Dakota Stockgrower’s Association from 1930 until his death and served on the executive committee. He was also a member of the 1902 Cowboys of South Dakota.

Home Town (Springview, NE)
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