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Induction Category & YearProfessional 1978
Home TownRapid City, SD
BirthMay 2, 1884
Rapid City, SD

   John Boland
Champion of Excellence

 In 1903, John Boland purchased a flour and feed store from his father and operated the store until Sept, 1903. The mines closed in July 1903, which brought about his closing in September. This caused him to lose what savings he had put into the deal and it left him about $300 in debt.

John worked in the Lucky Boy Mine that fall and winter to make payment of this indebtedness. In the spring of 1904 he assisted his father in his timber operations until fall when he went to Lincoln, Nebraska, to attend the Lincoln Business College. John graduated in June 1905, returned to Keystone where on July 1 took the 1st Civil Service examination given by the Forest Service in the United States. John then worked at various jobs until September. Then John was employed as bookkeeper and timekeeper by James Harting, a mining man and mill builder in the Black Hills. The work there was completed in early Jan. at which time he returned to Keystone. <p>In 1930 John was elected Treasurer of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial Society of the Black Hills, which he held until Aug. 1938, when he resigned. During this period of time, he conducted the business affairs of the Society. He later served as President of the Society in 1941. <p>John Boland was elected to the State Senate in 1929 and served for 8 years. He was a delegate to the National Republican Convention in 1944. <p>At one time, John was president of the school board at Keystone, president of the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce in 1927, and a director for 9 years. He served on the city commission and was mayor for 2 years. <p>During WWI Boland served as Secretary of the Liberty Loan Committee for Pennington County. In 1933 and 34, Boland was a member of the Public Works Advisory Committee of South Dakota. During WWII, Boland served as Coordinator of the Tenth District of the War Bond Campaign. <p>Boland has also served as President of the old Alex Johnson Hotel Company, past pres. of the Rapid City, Black Hills Western Railroad, and was a director of the First National Bank of the Black Hills. Boland belonged to the Rotary Club, was a Mason, an Elk, a member of the AF and AM, and a member of the UCT.

Home Town (Rapid City, SD)
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