Induction Category & YearGeneral 1978
Home TownFort Wayne, IN
BirthNovember 12, 1849
New York City, NY

   Jeremiah Brown
Champion of Excellence


At the age of 7, Jeremiah Brown was orphaned during a small pox epidemic in New York and he and his younger brother were brought to Fort Wayne, IN, by foster parents. In 1870, he enlisted in the Army where he served as an Indian Scout and Interpreter for Company K 17th Regiment of Infantry, U.S. Army, Ft. Wayne, IN. His military experience entailed serving as a scout into Indian country up into Dakota Territory from the mouth of the Missouri River to Ft. Benton, Montana.

Throughout the entire mission, Brown walked, never using a horse throughout the expedition. During the time he acted as interpreter and scout he became well acquainted at various forts: Ft. Benton, Ft. Yates, Ft. Sully, Ft. Pierre, Ft. Rice, Ft. Rica and Ft. Custer. He spoke the Sioux language fluently and was held in high regard by the Native Americans and was known throughout the Dakota Territory as “Long Soldier.” On his military trips up into Montana by steamboat, they brought back sick and wounded, and a few dead from the Custer Massacre.

After leaving the military, Brown began a career as a mail carrier from Ft. Pierre to Ft. Yates. The route was over 100 miles which he walked the entire route.  Brown is buried at Mobridge, SD.

Home Town (Fort Wayne, IN)
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