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Induction Category & YearHistorical 1986
Home TownLongueil, Canada
Buffalo Cemetery, SD

   Frederick Dupruis
Champion of Excellence

 Frederick Dupruis came to the Cheyenne River area of South Dakota from Longueil, Canada. He became an independent trader and stock grower, trades from which he became wealthy during that time. For some time after 1838 he was employed by the American Fur Company and from his trading outpost at the mouth of Cherry Creek he sent in many furs and buffalo robes.

Dupruis married a Minneconjou Sioux Indian woman, Good Elk Woman, whose Christian name was Mary Ann. They raised a family of nine children and one stepson, and had a communal way of living at their home on the Cheyenne River. As each of their children married, they built homes at or near the home-site where they raised gardens and did all of their living crafts. The Dupruis' tended cattle and horses and were a musical family. <p>Frederick and his family contributed to saving the buffalo from extinction by keeping five buffalo from a hunt in 1883. From these five buffalo, the family started a herd of their own. By 1888 they had nine pureblood buffalo. The herd was eventually was sold to Scotty Philip in 1898, from whence they ran in a huge buffalo pasture until the herd grew considerably. <p>There are many, many descendants of this early-day South Dakota family and Frederick Dupruis definitely left his mark in South Dakota and its history. The town of Dupree located forty miles north of the Cheyenne River is named for one of the sons of Frederick. A creek, which eventually runs into the Cheyenne River, also bears the Dupree name. A spring, which at one time furnished water for the entire countryside, is located near their home site; it is called the Circle P spring, so named because their livestock brand was Circle P. <p>

Home Town (Longueil, Canada)
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