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Induction Category & YearProfessional 2009
Home TownSioux Falls, SD
BirthOctober 8, 1938
Sioux Falls, SD

   Frank Alvine
Champion of Excellence

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Who is Frank Alvine?

Frank never thought the status quo was normal. As a result, he was innovative through his career as an orthopedic surgeon. Most amazing was his development of the Agility Total Ankle Replacement system, for which he was granted a patent and Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval. It is hard to imagine that an ankle can be changed in a human, but Frank performed 1500 ankle replacements during his career. Frank was successful in other ways as well. He did research on a condition called Ulnar Nerve Palsy. What is the Ulnar Nerve? Most of us know it as the funny bone. It hurts a little if a person accidentally hits the funny bone, but for some the condition is much more serious. Frank’s research proved some people were predisposed to have Ulnar Nerve Palsy happen after surgery. Before his research showed otherwise, people thought the palsy was caused by doctor malpractice. Frank demonstrated that idea was untrue. He became an expert witness because of his research.

Not only is Frank an orthopedic surgeon, he is also a conservationist. He says that one of his main concerns is “Environment, environment, environment.” Whether considering medical advances or conservation, Frank says students “should consider taking on problems that seem insurmountable.”
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Alumnus of Highest Distinction University of Washington
Home Town (Sioux Falls, SD)
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