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Induction Category & YearGeneral 1978
Home TownEverly, SD
BirthDecember 9, 1896
Everly, IA
Rapid City, SD

   Francis Case
Champion of Excellence

 Francis Case served as a member of the State regents of education in South Dakota from 1931-1933. In 1936 he was elected to Congress from the Second District and served 7 terms. He was elected to the US Senate in 1950, reelected to the US senate in 1950, reelected in 1956, and was serving his 2nd term.

Case's legislative record during his 25 years in Congress has been identified with water conservation, economics in govt., and highway legislation. He strove for an effective national defense system with economy. <p>Case's resolution, adopted in 1939-40 by the house committee on Flood Control, produced the studies which led to the authorization of the Missouri River Flood Control Act of 1944. <p>Case authored the provision to reserve half of Big Bend's power for use in SD. <p>In 1949, while still in the House, Case opened the battle against backdoor spending, a form of Govt. financing through Treasury borrowing rather than through direct congressional appropriations, with a point of order during debate on a housing bill. <p>Case pioneered legislation setting up Saline Water Acts of 1952, 1955, and 1958 which initiated research into ways of converting inland brackish water and sea water into fresh water. The Webster, S.D., desalinization plant resulted from his 1958 bill. <p>Case initiated legislation for renegotiations of excess war profits (1942), credited with saving the US Treasury $12 billion during WWII and the Korean conflict, and hundred of millions of dollars since.

Home Town (Everly, SD)
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