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Induction Category & YearGeneral 1978
Home TownNolan County, TX
BirthJune 23, 1877
Howell county, MO
Sturgis, SD

   Ernest Eidson
Champion of Excellence

 When Eidson was three years old, his parents moved to Boland County near Sweet Water, Texas.

As a youth, Ernest Eidson worked for various small Nolan County ranchers. His first experience with a larger trail herd was in 1897 while trailing a herd of 800 head a distance of about 130 miles. <p>Eidson grew up working for various cattle outfits in Texas and New Mexico. He came to South Dakota in the spring of 1902 from Portales, New Mexico with a shipment of cattle owned by Tison and Halloway. <p>Eidson worked for the Sword and Dagger Co. under the management of Henry Hudson until the winter of 1906 when Hudson went to ranching for himself. Eidson took his place as manager of the Sword and Dagger, and continued on as manager after the company was sold to the Diamond A Cattle Co. In 1909 Eidson left the Diamond A and took over the management of the 73 Cattle Company. This position lasted until the winter of 1911, when the company closed out. Afterwards, Eidson again took over the Diamond A. <p>On November 26, 1916, Eidson was married to Alice Dugan at Dupree, South Dakota. They moved to the old Sword and Dagger headquarters ranch on Cherry Creek, where they ranched for themselves. In 1919, Eidson went back to managing the Diamond A. He ran it until 1929, when he and his wife moved their own ranch to the Cheyenne River below Bridger, South Dakota. Here Eidson operated his own ranch and managed the West Division of the C.B.C. Horse outfit, who at that time held a lease on the Reservation. Eidson ran this outfit until they closed out in 1935. The Eidsons continued to ranch until 1945, when they sold out and moved to Sturgis, South Dakota. <p>Mrs. Eidson passed away in March of 1962 at the Deadwood Hospital. Mr. Eidson moved to Washington to make his home with his brother, Jim Eidson. Ernest Eidson passed away at Sunnyside Hospital in Sunnyside, Washington, Friday, Sept 11, 1970. <p>

Home Town (Nolan County, TX)
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