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Induction Category & YearHistorical 1987
Home TownManderson, SD
Manderson, SD
Rapid City, SD

   Emma Amiotte
Champion of Excellence


After devoting herself to rearing her family, Mrs. Amiotte began working with miniatures. Working in a highly reduced scale, Mrs. Amiotte utilized raw materials such as buckskin, canvas, quills, feathers, toothpicks, and bones to create dolls, tipis, horses and sweat lodges, which she artfully arranged into miniture scenes of tribal life. Later, Mrs. Amiotte’s creative interests and skills was her involvement in the Tipi Shop, Inc., a non-profit educational organization devoted to the encouragement of fine contemporary Native American Arts of the United States. Beginning in 1965, Mrs. Amiotte served as a manager of the Tipi Shop, Inc., (retired 1981) which is housed in the Sioux Indian Museum and Crafts Center. As manager of the Tipi Shop, Mrs. Amiotte provided the expertise for expanding cultural and educational activities of the organization. Her broad knowledge of various craft techniques combined with considerable business skills, have been essential ingredients in the successful operation of the Tipi Shop, Inc. <p>The Tipi Shop includes arts and crafts from the Indians of North and South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, and occasionally other tribes, although, the bulk of display items are supplied by Sioux crafters. The shop is well known for it’s porcupine quilled items and it’s fine beaded works. It is also known for the Sioux pottery skins, moccasins, paintings, literature, dance harness and a limited selection of craft supplies. Customers from all over the world stop to shop there.

Home Town (Manderson, SD)
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