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Induction Category & YearProfessional 1988
Home TownSioux Falls, SD
BirthMay 18, 1886
Sioux Falls, SD
DeathDecemver 22, 1975
Sioux Falls, SD

   William Donahoe
Champion of Excellence

 Dr. William Donahoe, fondly called Dr. Will, was known as the Children's doctor throughout South Dakota. He was the 1st pediatrician in Sioux Falls and devoted a lifetime of service to increase longevity through the treatment and prevention of diseases which afflicted children. In these efforts, he published many medical papers on childhood ailments.

Dr. Will was a tireless worker for the cause of public health. He consequently promoted public health programs and all activities which furthered community betterment. He was instrumental in establishing the Bureau of Vital Statistics for the State of South Dakota. He was Pediatrician to the Lutheran Welfare Society, the S.D. Children's Home, the Presentation Home for Children and the S.D. School for the Deaf. <p>At a time when people were frightened and defensive of any foreign substances introduced to their bodies, Dr. Will introduced the first immunization program against diphtheria, saving countless numbers of lives. <p>He loved young people and was truly interested in their activities. He never missed listening to a basketball of football game. He organized the first Boy Scout Troop in Sioux Falls and was instrumental in establishing the National Youth Corps in the area. <p>One of Dr. William Donahoe's greatest accomplishments was founding the Pediatric Department of the School of Medicine of the University of South Dakota. A Lecture Series begun by the S.D. Medical School continues in his memory.

Home Town (Sioux Falls, SD)
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