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Induction Category & YearArts and Entertainment 1987
Home TownSmithwick, SD
BirthAugust 27, 1887
Bentonville, AR
Smithwick, SD

   Claude Barr
Champion of Excellence

 Claude Barr homesteaded near Smithwick, SD. For decades he was a lone, self-trained botanist studying and promoting the worldwide horticultural use of the Great Plains wildflowers. His work culminated in the posthumous publication of his book Jewels of the Plains, a valuable guidebook to the cultivation of these plants most frequently seen only in checklists of botanic descriptions.

Barr discovered species of flowering plants, as well as a number of genetic variants including previously unknown color forms. He introduced many native plant species to global horticulture. He added to our knowledge of rare and endangered species. His most outstanding discovery was Astragalus barrii – Barr’s Milkvetch – which R.C. Barneby named after Claude. <p>Claude Barr was recognized as an authority on cacti of the Great Plains and gave horticulture several hybrids and beautiful color forms. He also discovered various color forms of asters, roses and others, some of which he named. <p>For his work, Barr was awarded the American Rock Garden Society Award of Merit, the John Robertson Memorial Medal and the first prestigious Edgar T. Wherry Memorial Award. In 1985 the Claude A. Barr Archives at the Chadron State College was named for him and in 1986 the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs was created and named the Claude A. Barr Memorial Great Plains Garden in his honor.

Home Town (Smithwick, SD)
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