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Induction Category & YearArts and Entertainment 1981
Home TownRapid City, SD

   Cat Deuter
Champion of Excellence

 Artist Cat Deuter moved to the Black Hills of South Dakota from her home state of California in 1977. Cat began her art career by doing pencil drawings from the photographs of Edward S. Curtis. From there she began to gather her own material from her participation in western events including pow-wows, trail rides and rendezvous. In 1977, Cat met her future husband, fellow artist Dan Deuter, at an art show in Rapid City and the couple worked together for several years before going their separate ways.

For several years she worked with models from the Rapid City area, and her artwork reflects not only the state’s modern-day citizens, but also the cowboys, Indians, and mountain men who inhabited and pioneer the western wilderness in past centuries. Cat’s graphite pencil drawings have graced the covers of several nationally known publications and she has received several awards for her work. Her favorite subject is American Indian children, for which she is famous. By living in South Dakota near the Sioux Reservation, Cat has developed not only a keen eye, but an understanding of the Sioux culture as well. In her work, she tried to convey the innocence of Native American people, the strength of their traditions and the fact that they’ve survived despite all the changes in their world. <p>Deuter’s work hangs in private collections across the United States and Canada as well as the Dakota Art Gallery and Taylor’s Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, among others.

Home Town (Rapid City, SD)
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