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Induction Category & YearProfessional 1983
Home TownFort Pierre, SD
Ft. Pierre, SD
DeathMay, 1983

   Carl Fischer
Champion of Excellence

 The Fischer Brothers store in Fort Pierre, SD, was and still, can be remembered by many as a household word throughout the state. Three brothers, Frank, Charles, and Anton, were the owners. When the store opened in 1889, it became a trading post for Indian, soldiers and the few ranchers living in the territory. They operated also as a wholesale distributor for various inland stores not having access to railroad or river transportation.

Carl Fischer, son of Frank Fischer, carried on the family tradition of involvement in the business, community and the state. After the death of his father, Frank, in 1929 and his uncle, Charles, in 1928, Carl helped his uncle Anton remain active in the management of the store until his uncle died in 1959. Carl continued as president of the company until it was sold in 1967, a position he held from 1931. <p>Carl was elected and served in the South Dakota State Senate for two terms, from 1967 to 1971. He also served as a member of the Fort Pierre City Council for over 24 years, on the Fort Pierre School Board for two years and as acting mayor on the death of Mayor Sutley. He held a membership in the Fort Pierre Chamber of Commerce from 1923 until his death in 1983. <p>Carl Fischer contributed to the development of the state of South Dakota through his work at the Fischer Brothers Store. He supplied the farmers, ranchers and settlers with goods needed to prosper and conquer the frontier of South Dakota. <p>

Home Town (Fort Pierre, SD)
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