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Induction Category & YearGeneral 1978
Home TownColdwater, MI
BirthOctober 15, 1881
Coldwater, MI

   Carl Cornell
Champion of Excellence

 Buried At: Buffalo, SD

Carl was a pioneer road builder of Harding County. He developed a road culvert, which was a big improvement to the area. He was an early advocate of soil and water conservation. He staked many dams, reservoirs, and helped many people to obtain water rights for irrigation systems. <p>Carl attended grade school in Gladstone and Dickenson, ND, until the 5th grade. He was really a self-taught man. He received his surveyor’s license in 1925. <p>1900 – 1902 – Foreman building sod houses, Haley, ND
1902 – 1906 – US Postal Service Mail carrier from Haley to Harding
1909 – 1913 – Deputy Assessor, Harding County
1914 – 1915 – County Treasurer, Harding County
1918 – 1919 – Obtained a contract to build a road north of Buffalo
1919 – 1933 – Highway Superintendent, Harding County
1934 – 1935 – Truck trail locator at Custer National Forest, Civil Service
1935 – 1936 – Assistant Civil engineer at Billings Range
1936 – 1937 – Range Examiner on AAA range program
1938 – 1939 – Mitchell Area engineer on WPA program, Civil Service
1940 – 1944 – Selective Service Clerk for Civil Service <p>Carl also did private surveying on highways, water rights, etc. much of the time prior to 1944. Since then, surveying was his livelihood. He was still working on water rights a few months before his death at 93. <p>Cornell was a member of the Harding County Chamber of Commerce; Montana and South Dakota Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors; The Archaeological Society of South Dakota and life member of the South Dakota State Historical Society.

Home Town (Coldwater, MI)
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