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Induction Category & YearGeneral 1980
Home TownBelvidere, SD
Keyapaha County, NE
Belvidere, SD

   Baxter Berry
Champion of Excellence

 Baxter grew up on his father’s ranch in Mellette County, SD. From the time he was a small boy he helped in all activities of the ranch and was interested in the care of livestock. Baxter took over management of the home ranch in 1933 when his father, Tom Berry, was elected Governor of South Dakota. He experienced the difficulties of the drought, depression and problems of the 1930’s.

Baxter was a pioneer in the breeding and raising of Scotch Highland Cattle in Western, SD. In 1948, an interested group met at his ranch and formed the American Scotch Highland Association. In 1951, the association held it’s first meeting and Baxter was elected president. He was re-elected in 1953. His Highland cattle became the largest herd in the world. Cattle from his ranch were shipped to Ecuador, South America, Alaska and Canada. <p>Baxter took an active interest and role in the South Dakota Stockgrowes Association, serving on the executive committee and as vice president of the organization. He was also a member of the American National Cattlemen’s Association and the North Dakota Stockgrowers Association. <p>Although the ranching operations were Berry's foremost interest, he also was interested in rodeo and helped many young people in competition and also to get a start in the cattle business. He was always ready to help young people who wanted to learn the ranching business. Those staying at the ranch were provided with good horses and equipment (equipment that was theirs when they left, and sometimes the horses). When they started for themselves, they were assisted, either directly or indirectly by Baxter. For some, there was also financial assistance to further their education. <p>Baxter was interested in the promotion of rodeo, and helped produce various ones. He helped young people who stayed at the ranch to receive proper training for competition in high school and college rodeo and even for more advanced rodeos. They too were furnished horses, equipment and financing. <p>Baxter Berry was a member of the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association from 1930-1975 and served as Director from 1934-1943 and Vice President from 1943-1946. A member of the American Cattlemens Association; American Scotch Highland Breeders Association from 1948-1975, he served as vice president from 1948-1951 and president from 1951-1953. He was also a member of the South Dakota Rodeo Association. He was a Charter Member of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City, OK; Appointed Ambassador of the Diplomatic Corp of the State of South Dakota by Governor Farrar; a member of the South Dakota Cutting Horse Association; Highland Cattle Society of Scotland; Last Roundup Club, Cowboys of 1902. <p>Baxter Berry was always an Ambassador for the State of South Dakota, the livestock industry, and the Law and good government.

Home Town (Belvidere, SD)
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