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Induction Category & YearGeneral 1978
Home TownWendte, SD
BirthMay 28, 1870
Holly Grove, Ireland
Pierre, SD

   Andrew Feeney
Champion of Excellence

 Andrew Feeney arrived in America in 1880 with his widowed mother at the age of ten. The family settled near the present day town of Harold. They soon moved to their ranch along the Bad River, fifteen miles southwest of Ft. Pierre, near the town of Wendte, SD.

Andy Feeney became one of the early lawmen in the county. He was elected County Sheriff of Stanley County in 1905, yet maintained a large cattle and horse ranch near Wendte, where his mother and sister Mary lived. Feeney’s duties as sheriff took him all over the large county and called upon him to perform many distasteful tasks. At one time it was necessary to bring a sheep owner in, whose sheepherders had been disappearing. Sheriff Feeney discovered that when it came time to pay the men, the sheep owner murdered them, buried them, and hired more herders. Andy never married, but his sister, Mrs. Hughes, had a large family and they, especially the boys, grew up on Andy’s ranch. <p>

Home Town (Wendte, SD)
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